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Wine Drop Follow Shot – Demo File

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    We have created a wine drop follow shot last week and I would like to give you some background information how I did the setup for this shot.

    Here is the BTS on YouTube with the final shot in the end:

    Light setup:

    • Aputure 1200d Pro with narrow cone as main light on the right-front with flag diffusion
    • Aputure 600d Pro as second light on the left-front with flag diffusion
    • Godox SL-150W II as fill light front-left with long softbox
    • Godox SL-150W II as back light back-right with diffusion
    • Falcon Eyes RX24-TDX as top light
    • Basic x-mas light rope for the background

    (all lights at 100%)

    Camera & Lens:

    • Chronos 2.1, 2k @ 1000fps, 0x Gain, with MFT mount
    • Viltrox MFT to EF x0,71 Speedbooster
    • DZO Film Vespid Prime Lens 90mm Macro with EF Mount


    • MIOPS Splash Water Drop Kit v2 (not ideal since the trigger works only manual via the app)

    The move in ZM Studio was created with 3 Keyframes:
    1. On the top with the bottle and the drop starting + Focus Keyframe
    2. Moving down a bit and tilting also the camera down to look into the glass where the drop will land + Focus Keyframe
    3. Orbiting a bit to left and down + Focus Keyframe

    Both path segments set to “Spline” and the ease setting to “Fast”
    Then I moved Keyframe 2 and 3 as close I could on the Timeline to get a valid (green) move profile, the total move was a bit over 875ms

    Then after about 10-15 takes I had a good timing to trigger the drop and the move for this final shot. I will be looking into a drop release system I can trigger out of the timeline next. 😉

    Here is the clip out of the Chronos with only a LUT applied, no stabilization needed.


    Let me know if you have any questions!

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