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    A new version of Heimdall Works v1.4.1 is available for online update within ZM Launcher.

    New Features:

    • Add a new timeline path expert feature „Rotate Long Way“ which can be set for Linear or Spline path segments. By default the software will always rotate the camera between 2 keyframes on the shortest possible way around a sphere. Sometimes – depending on your shot and keyframes – you want the system to rotate the long way on purpose to enable the move you want. Previously with the short way rotation the system returned an IK error, but by enabling this new option on this segment you can get a working move if it’s physically within the limits of the robot. Please note that for Joint and JointSpline moves this option is not available since they always rotate like you setup the keyframes! A good example are orbit moves around an object which have been difficulty before to setup.
    • Robot Joint moves have now the same Ease options as all the other path options.
    • Added a reset option for robot Joints in jog mode to go back to the selected camera initial position.


    • Renamed rotation rx, ry and rz to Pan, Tilt and Roll in the robot status and timeline graph display for better understanding and to be in line with the robot jog controls.
    • Further improved the timeline path calculations for all moves.
    • Joint and JointSpline moves are now showing the correct camera position and rotation in the timeline graph display.
    • Added timeline profile display error an message if the path calculation found and issue with a joint out of range for the JointSpline path option.
    • The Zoom information is now also transmitted to UE5 via LiveLink for jogging and not only for the timeline path move.
    • The camera rotation (pan, tilt, and roll) is now correct displayed in UE5 via LiveLink for the timeline path. In jogging mode the rotation of the camera is not correct when the camera roll is more than 180 degrees – which should not be a normal use case anyway.

    Bug Fixes:

    • Fixed an issue that sometimes the „Check“ button was disabled or the run dialog was not showing if the previous path calculation had an error.
    • Fixed an issue that the Undo option didn’t work as expected or messed up your timeline sometimes.
    • Fixed an issue that sometimes the software crashed back to the Laucher when loading a saved project and the timeline graph display was enabled.
    • Fixed a frame glitch in UE5 LiveLink at the end of the timeline move.
    • Fixed an issue that the FIZ motors where operating on a timeline path run when they have been used before but then deleted from the timeline.
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